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It's a one-of-a-kind fusion of research and outreach, a 4.3-meter telescope rising seven stories above the top of a cinder cone forty miles from Flagstaff. Lowell Observatory and Discovery Communications built this $53 million facility to push the frontier of knowledge and bring the marvels of the cosmos to millions. Completed in 2012, the DCT has begun early science operations and is poised to be Lowell's flagship research telescope. Learn more about the DCT here.

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High-resolution astronomy with the Navy Precision Optical Interferometer

NPOI The Navy Precision Optical Interferometer (NPOI) is a collaborative project between the United States Naval Observatory, the Naval Research Laboratory, and Lowell Observatory. The interferometer stretches across half a kilometer of Lowell's dark-sky site at Anderson Mesa near Flagstaff, and can measure the positions of stars with extraordinary precision. Read more at the NPOI home page or take an interactive tour to learn how it works.

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During the day learn about the Observatory's current research and history by joining guided tours and exploring interactive exhibits in the Steele Visitor Center. In the evening, view through a variety of telescopes including Percival Lowell's 24" Alvan Clark refractor.

NPOI Enjoy wide-screen multimedia programs, exhibit hall, and gift shop throughout the day and evening.

For hours of operation, admission rates, special activities, and scheduling private programs, click HERE.

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