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The DCT will peer into a spectacular sky, and Lowell Observatory astronomers will use the telescope to address fundamental questions about the evolution of the solar system, the formation and evolution of stellar and planetary systems, the evolution of galactic building blocks such as dwarf galaxies, and a variety of other programs. Detailed instrumentation specifications to meet the requirements of the key projects have been compiled by Lowell Observatory scientists and extended into instrument designs and proposals for funding. Browse these pages to learn about the science we will do with the DCT, as well as the instruments we will use to make the observations.


   Photo by Lowell staff member Len Bright.

Explore the links below to learn about some of the science programs planned for the DCT during its initial operations.

Instrument Cube

The Kuiper Spectral Survey
The Physical Properties of Comets
The Evolution of Little Galaxies
The Masses of Stars

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