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Lowell Observer, Spring 2011, Issue 90

Comet Hartley 2, Kepler Mission, DCT Update, New Advisory Board Members, New Percival Lowell Society Member

Lowell Observer, Winter 2010, Issue 89

LMI - Large Monolithic Imager, New Deputy Director for Advancement, Wish List, NPOI Update, First Light Challenge

Lowell Observer, Fall 2010, Issue 88

PRISM, Director's Update, Uranus Observations, DCT Update, New Percival Lowell Society Member

Lowell Observer, Summer 2010, Issue 87

Pluto Occultation, Greg Mort Art Exhibit, Astronomy Club Tours

Lowell Observer, Spring 2010, Issue 86

Kepler Mission, Travis Barman Science Award, Charitable Gift Annuity

Lowell Observer, Winter 2009, Issue 85

Comet Lulin, Mars Hill Titan Monitor, DCT Update, Solar Analogs Workshop

Lowell Observer, Fall 2009, Issue 84

Greetings from Lowell's new Director - Eileen Friel, Storms on Titan, DCT Update, Book Restoration, Robert Burnham, Jr.

Lowell Observer, Summer 2009, Issue 83

Director Bob Millis Retires, Financial Report, Kepler Mission, DCT Dome, Mountaineering at Lowell

Lowell Observer, Spring 2009, Issue 82

Imaging Extrasolar Planets, Chemical Composition of Comets, Astronomers' Lodge, First Light Challenge, Friend of Lowell Bob Birket, Honeywell Children's Exhibit

Lowell Observer, December 2008, Issue 81

Discovery Channel Telescope Update, DCT Auto Guider and Wavefront Sensor, First Light Challenge, Remembering Francis McAllister, Navajo and Hopi Outreach

Lowell Observer, Fall 2008, Issue 80

Yellow Supergiants in M31, Percival Lowell Society, Wrexie Louise Leonard

Lowell Observer, Summer 2008, Issue 79

Comet Tuttle, Financial Report, Dark Skies, Historic Instruments

Lowell Observer, Spring 2008, Issue 78

LONEOS-10 Year Milestone, MIT-Wellesley Field Camp, New DCT Dome Design, Harold Johnson

Lowell Observer, Winter 2008, Issue 77

GPIPS with Mimir on the Perkins Telescope, Comet Holmes, Honeywell Children's Exhibit, Total Lunar Eclipse, Dark Matter and the Perkins Telescope, New Outdoor Exhibits

Lowell Observer, Fall 2007, Issue 76

Gyrochronology, Largest Known Extrasolar Planet, Discovery Channel Telescope Milestone, Realuminization of the 72-mirror, Summer REU Program, Sabbatical at Lowell, Historic Bulletins Scanned

Lowell Observer, Summer 2007, Issue 75

Searching for Water in Hot Jupiters, John Vickers McAllister Space Theatre, Nat White Retires, Financial Report, Historical Pattern Making, In Memory: Henry Giclas

Lowell Observer, Spring 2007, Issue 74

Hendricks Family Pledge for the Discovery Channel Telescope, Discovery Channel Telescope Status Report, Lowell Volunteer, Samuel Goodhue, Solar Twins, Climate Change and the Politics of Science

Lowell Observer, Winter 2007, Issue 73

Titan's Methane Weather, Transit of Mercury, Navajo-Hopi Outreach, Pre-Doctoral Program, Modeling Thermal Emissions from Kuiper Belt Objects, Percival Lowell Society, New Rotunda Exhibits

Lowell Observer, Fall 2006, Issue 72

Lowell Astronomers Discover New Planet, Discovery Channel Telescope Primary Mirror, New Astronomers at Lowell

Lowell Observer, Summer 2006, Issue 71

Star Formation -- Or Not? -- in the Aquila Rift, Andrew Douglass in the Skylight City, Wildfire Sends Lowell Staff Scrambling, Friends Gather to Enjoy the Annual Open House

Lowell Observer, Spring 2006, Issue 70

On Its Way: A New Horizons Update, A Status Report on the Making of the Discovery Channel Telescope

Lowell Observer, Winter 2006, Issue 69

Double Exponential Disks and a Model for Star Formation in Dwarf Galaxies, New Horizons Update, The Discovery Channel Telescope: A Progress Report, Percival Lowell's First Telescope

Lowell Observer, Fall 2005, Issue 68

Ground Broken for the Discovery Channel Telescope, Behind the Scenes with the Discovery Channel Telescope, Deep Impact a Smashing Success

Lowell Observer, Summer 2005, Issue 67

A Deep Impact for Comet Tempel 1, Stellar System Formation and Young Binaries, The History of the Perkins, Gov. Napolitano Visits Mars Hill, Designates Lowell Observatory an "Arizona Treasure"

Lowell Observer, Spring 2005, Issue 66

Discovering the Largest Stars, Learning from Spinning Stars, Another DCT Milestone, The 1894 Expedition

Lowell Observer, Winter 2005, Issue 65

Celebrating 75 Years of Planet Pluto, John Hall Telescope Gets New Optics and a Major Refurbishment, Discovery Channel Telescope Update, Lowell's Navajo-Hopi Outreach Program

Lowell Observer, Fall 2004, Issue 64

New Planet Discovered, Research with the 21-inch Telescope, The Discovery Channel Telescope and Happy Jack, Discovery Young Scientist Winner Visits Lowell

Lowell Observer, Summer 2004, Issue 63

The Sun Also Surprises, New Astronomers Coming to Lowell, The Bright Future of Remote Observing

Lowell Observer, Spring 2004, Issue 62

Distant Comet Found by LONEOS, A Smorgasbord of Comets, Friends of Lowell

Lowell Observer, Winter 2004, Issue 61

Two Extraordinary Near-Earth Asteroids Spotted by LONEOS, "Climbing" Aboard HST. Lowell Instrument Lab Abuzz

Lowell Observer, Fall 2003, Issue 60

The Discovery Channel Telescope, Science Objectives and Requirements of the Discovery Channel Telescope, Site Testing for the Discovery Channel Telescope

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