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When Lowell Observatory's founder Percival Lowell died, he left provisions in his will to sustain the institution and its research.

That decision made all the difference. There is little doubt that had the endowment not been in place, Lowell Observatory might not exist today. Today, this endowment continues to provide the Observatory with its financial underpinning. In recognition of our founder's vision and foresight, we have created the Percival Lowell Society to recognize individuals who make planned gifts or provide provisions in their will for Lowell Observatory.

In recognition of this ultimate legacy gift, a special art piece designed by renowned artist Greg Mort is presented to members of the Percival Lowell Society. The signed, numbered Mars Globes are cast bronze composite replicas of several of Percival Lowell's original globes of Mars.

Lowell Observatory has already benefited greatly from the vision and generosity of a number of individuals belonging to the Society. Several have shared their stories with us that have been published in the Lowell Observer - Issue #68, Issue #73, and Issue #80.

Call Antoinette Beiser at 928-233-3216 to learn how you can benefit Lowell - as well as yourself and your family - through a charitable planned gift.

"The balance of the net income [of my estate] shall be used for carrying on the study of Astronomy, especially the study of our Solar System and its evolution, at my Observatory at Flagstaff, Arizona, and at such other places as may from time to time be convenient..."

The Percival Lowell Society recognition globe (at center) is a beautiful replica of Lowell's original Mars globes (right and left). It was designed by artist and Observatory Advisory Board member Gregory Mort.

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