Applications are due by May 1 or December 1 each year. Applicants must ensure arrival of complete applications by the due date. Under exceptional circumstances, applications may be considered in between these deadlines.

Send Applications to:

Kim Morris
Lowell Observatory
Predoctoral Fellowship Program
1400 West Mars Hill Rd.
Flagstaff, AZ 86001

Complete applications MUST contain all of the following materials (incomplete or late applications will not be considered for that deadline):

(1) Letter of approval from home institution

A letter must be provided from the chair of the department in which the candidate is registered at the home institution stating that the candidate is enrolled full-time in the Ph.D. program, has satisfied the in-house requirements for completion of classes and qualifying examinations, and that the department approves the decision to pursue thesis research at Lowell Observatory. The home institution must provide implicit permission for the applicant to begin the process of developing a thesis topic with a Lowell mentor well before the December 1st and May 1st deadlines. The candidate is responsible for ensuring the timely arrival of the official letter of approval at Lowell BEFORE the deadline as stated above.

(2) Sponsorship from Lowell advisor

The Lowell advisor's name and contact information must be provided in the application once the student has contacted the advisor and agreed upon the proposed research project. The admissions committee at Lowell will contact the de facto advisor for confirmation as part of the evaluation process.

(3) Predoctoral research proposal (no more than 3 pages)

In collaboration with the Lowell advisor selected, the candidate should provide a proposal that generally describes the research project to be conducted at Lowell in fulfillment of the Ph.D. dissertation requirement at the home institution. Development of a proposal must be initiated with the Lowell advisor at least weeks, and preferably months, before the application deadline.

(4) Previous research experience (no more than 2 pages)

Please describe previous relevant experience conducting research at the undergraduate or graduate level. Be sure to state your specific contribution to the project, describe the outcome, and list any resulting publications.

(5) Letters of reference

Three letters of reference from professors, researchers, or former employers familiar with the candidate's work, either in classes, on a collaborative project, or in a job. The candidate is responsible for ensuring the timely arrival of the letters of reference at Lowell BEFORE the deadline as stated above. Letters of reference should be sent by the writers directly to the above address.

(6) Curriculum Vitae (no more than 2 pages)

An up to date curriculum vitae, including a description of the applicant's background, experience, and any relevant publications.

(7) Transcript of grades

Arrange for university registrar to mail official grade transcripts to the above address. If transcripts are not in english they must be accompanied by official translations. The candidate is responsible for ensuring the timely arrival of the transcript at Lowell BEFORE the deadline as stated above.

EE0 Statement: Lowell Observatory is an equal opportunity provider and employer and prohibits discrimination in all its programs and activities on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, age, disability, political beliefs, sexual orientation, and marital and family status.


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You'll be based at Lowell's historic campus, one mile west of downtown Flagstaff at an elevation of 7,200'.


Predoctoral students have full access to the observing facilities at our dark-sky sites at Anderson Mesa and Happy Jack, southeast of Flagstaff.


Research programs at Lowell introduce students to cutting-edge collaborations with international teams.


The Flagstaff area provides a vast array of opportunities for outdoor activities, from mountain biking to skiing to horsebackriding.