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Lowell's astronomers carry out research in areas spanning much of modern astrophysics, from studies of tiny icy objects in our own solar system to the structure of distant galaxies. Meet our scientists and learn more about our diverse programs here.

SOFIA & Kepler
Ted Dunham

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Ted Dunham

Ted Dunham is the Principal Investigator for development of HIPO, a specialized occultation instrument for SOFIA. HIPO will see its first use on SOFIA as a critical component in the test program of the completed facility. Subsequently it will be used to observe occultations of stars by solar system objects, transits of extrasolar planets, and stellar oscillations. Dunham is also a co-investigator on the Kepler mission, a NASA Discovery mission designed to detect earth-size planets orbiting sunlike stars in their habitable zones. His responsibilities for Kepler center on focal plane development, optics, and the system test program. By coincidence, the Kepler detector array is approximately the same size as the one in the DCT prime focus camera.

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SOFIA and Kepler

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