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Lowell's astronomers carry out research in areas spanning much of modern astrophysics, from studies of tiny icy objects in our own solar system to the structure of distant galaxies. Meet our scientists and learn more about our diverse programs here.

A Survey of the Resolved Stellar Content of Nearby Galaxies Currently Forming Stars
Phil Massey

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Phil Massey

Dr. Massey is currently completing a survey of Local Group galaxies in order to identify massive stars of different kinds in such regions as the Andromeda galaxy. Images were obtained of the Local Group galaxies currently active in forming stars using the 4-m telescopes at Kitt Peak and Cerro Tololo. These images are current available to the public and other astronomers through links from Lowell Observatory's web site. Photometric calibration was carried out using Lowell's 1.1-m Hall telescope on Anderson Mesa. These data provide accurate measurements of the colors and brightness of roughly a hundred million stars. The images will serve as the "finding charts" of massive stars in nearby galaxies, while the photometry will be the source catalog for spectroscopic follow up for decades to come.

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